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Crazy Fights \u0026 Furious Moments in Football 2
jazzoj5 16 минут назад
1 minute 10 secs in and you've already missed out a goal.
JEFF m 24 минуты назад
This video is sort of false because it does not really show all of the goals.
Mr Ok
Mr Ok 30 минут назад
They never showed Liverpool’s 3 goal
Udin 39 минут назад
Idanifuuj Gaming
Idanifuuj Gaming 40 минут назад
Sagnik Ghosh
Sagnik Ghosh 45 минут назад
Better than Messi whole 2014 World Cup highlights, without any exaggeration But you will still see his fans shouting about how he "carried" Argentina to 2014 World Cup final and how Higuain "let him down" and how Penaldo has done nothing in World Cup ever. <12 year olds for sure
KiKiChRiZ 49 минут назад
Dirgha Agatta
Dirgha Agatta 50 минут назад
Neymar jr aku suka Neymar jr
MJM Eternal
MJM Eternal 53 минуты назад
The One-man Show
Bradley Horsfall
Bradley Horsfall 57 минут назад
worst video i've ever seen.
Sagnik Ghosh
Sagnik Ghosh 59 минут назад
The greatest and the most overrated footballer ever in the same match, against each other. What a coincidence
Gem Tadu
Gem Tadu Час назад
As a rugby player, the thumbnail thinking it's so badass and heroic.. 🤣🤣 more blood comes out in my shit after taco Tuesdays
Eissa Jr
Eissa Jr Час назад
Two months later 24th nice
MrSicking7 Час назад
Lol, who are those shameless adults in the stands booing a 21 year old smh
MrSicking7 Час назад
Zidane owned Ronaldinho in this match damn lol
Kamal Eliyev
Kamal Eliyev Час назад
Eder was very lucky
Fera HD
Fera HD Час назад
What is football and ucl. 2005. Liverpool vs Milan 3-3 ( Liverpool Winner after Penalty ) 2007. Milan vs Liverpool 2-1 (Milan winner) 2008. Man utd vs Chelsea 1-1 (United winner after Penalty). 2012. Chelsea vs Bayern 1-1 (Chelsea winner after penalty) 2013. Bayern vs BVB 2-1 (Bayern Winner) 2018. Real Madrid va Liverpool 3-1 (Real Madrid winner) 2019. Liverpool vs Tottenham 2-0 (Liverpool winner) and many more revenge with missed penalties
Levski Sofia
Levski Sofia Час назад
Biggest robbery after the final with Chelsea
김민수 Час назад
Михаил Шишкин
Михаил Шишкин 2 часа назад
3:0, 4:0, 2:8... Never forget))
Yasser R
Yasser R 2 часа назад
3 times, back to back to back
Ngoc Tran
Ngoc Tran 2 часа назад
Messi came back after long injured time
Fox Black
Fox Black 2 часа назад
Dani Alves lol (Дани Алвес)
ChemikOfficial 2 часа назад
I thought that the thumbnail is fake. But it really happened
WindForceTV 2 часа назад
Noone going to mention the false title?
BigDaddy_0904 2 часа назад
A C Milan
Sigt_Hidytllh 2 часа назад
Where United vs Munich?
Jasper Low
Jasper Low 2 часа назад
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Khaled H
Khaled H 2 часа назад
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Khaled H
Khaled H 3 часа назад
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Bharat Katariya
Bharat Katariya 3 часа назад
How many days are there dude.i mean literally 😁😁
Shahrookh Parvez
Shahrookh Parvez 3 часа назад
Lindelof incident was a straight red
Green Callum
Green Callum 3 часа назад
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Younes Hattabi
Younes Hattabi 3 часа назад
♥️🖤♥️🖤♥️🖤♥️🖤♥️🖤 7 champions magical
Diu Vi
Diu Vi 3 часа назад
Dieter Langes
Dieter Langes 3 часа назад
The worst thing in this Video are the spanish speakers in the Final 2014 After a Real goal
Deandra Sheva Ananta
Deandra Sheva Ananta 3 часа назад
sir alex really said "f*** off"😂🤣
Alberto Lindo Bonilla
Alberto Lindo Bonilla 3 часа назад
The day anybody who likes football will never forget**
xxxPorno Omary
xxxPorno Omary 3 часа назад
Eugene V
Eugene V 3 часа назад
In 2018 the Liverpool goalkeeper singlehandedly lost the game
carla escamilla
carla escamilla 3 часа назад
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ビリリダマ 3 часа назад
11:40 「上裸」
Monica Agrawal
Monica Agrawal 3 часа назад
If Patricio wasn't there is Portugal team Portugal might have got a great defeat. Salute to CR7 from India
Miscellaneous 3 часа назад
just looks like a man utd and barca diving compilation
Jamie Nyinondi
Jamie Nyinondi 3 часа назад
Dinamo Laur
Dinamo Laur 3 часа назад
How can people even compare superbowl with this shit !! I am european and never seen a superbowl or a american fotbal game or baseball for that mather . I enjoy baskeball some times but come on ... look at this !!
Bartek Sielski
Bartek Sielski 3 часа назад
Dudek 💪🇵🇱
Matteo Pagni
Matteo Pagni 3 часа назад
Pardo e Di gennaro orgoglio italiano🇮🇹
Ward House
Ward House 4 часа назад
A day football will never forget
Celia Antonia
Celia Antonia 4 часа назад
Amazing rui patricio
Basic Gaming
Basic Gaming 4 часа назад
gareth bale number one
MeLlamanPapo 4 часа назад
Ronaldinho is back??
Dries Baerten
Dries Baerten 4 часа назад
Where is belgium-japan
Mzz Zzz
Mzz Zzz 4 часа назад
karan mali ART
karan mali ART 4 часа назад
its not gaol
Simon Berthel124
Simon Berthel124 4 часа назад
Where are the Epic Moments?
Andersion545 Jaksion587
Andersion545 Jaksion587 4 часа назад
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Mladen Gasic
Mladen Gasic 5 часов назад
Milan merda
A Man
A Man 5 часов назад
When someone hit my class teacher. *Me & my class mate = 1:29
A Man
A Man 5 часов назад
Here m just waiting to seeing Red card 😁
Παναγιώτης Σουρσος
Παναγιώτης Σουρσος 5 часов назад
Ναι ρε στοκε με πέναλντι
kacab Khan
kacab Khan 5 часов назад
My favourite players😊😊
4t4 4t7
4t4 4t7 5 часов назад
Barsha Mukherjee
Barsha Mukherjee 5 часов назад
I guess Ronaldo has an antipathy for masks🙄
Colapse aу лол
Colapse aу лол 5 часов назад
Real Madrid and Barcelona the best from 2006-2018 they got 8 champions
Tom3K GrabarzzZ
Tom3K GrabarzzZ 5 часов назад
WHo remembers Dudi dance brooo that was some cheeese
Khaleemullah Musa Isah
Khaleemullah Musa Isah 5 часов назад
Good relationship
David 5 часов назад
Qué gracia me hace el tiempo que hacen para pasar por el Real Madrid vaya puta envidia que tienen ajajaja
James O'Mara
James O'Mara 5 часов назад
incredible psychic and real physical pain as an Arsenal fan watching those goals go in in 2006. should have been ours. i'm sick now.
Caio Cavalcante
Caio Cavalcante 5 часов назад
4:48 aparece o maior clube do mundo. Quem achou??
arunsethumadhavan 6 часов назад
I miss the crowd..
Breburdini LP
Breburdini LP 6 часов назад
wtf is that red card for Roberto? :d
Jan Sichtar
Jan Sichtar 6 часов назад
Every time I watch this i feel so happz
Mobilelogy ch
Mobilelogy ch 6 часов назад
When bale speed duel with barcelona, where??
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 6 часов назад
Qué asco dan los comentaristas españoles