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Leofardo DiTrapio
Leofardo DiTrapio 2 часа назад
Seven nation army royalties that day *stonks*
ridwan permana
ridwan permana 3 часа назад
Di SCTV nih seinget gw hahahahhahaa
Hüseyin Özdemir
Hüseyin Özdemir 3 часа назад
Greatest Of All Time Cristiano Ronaldo Siuuuuuuuuuuuuu! 😍😎
Nachiket Kore
Nachiket Kore 3 часа назад
Link to music please
Saptak Chatterjee
Saptak Chatterjee 3 часа назад
I miss" this "Ronaldo and "this" Real madrid
Arares van der Zouwe
Arares van der Zouwe 3 часа назад
Messi had made Ronaldo so nervous he even missed the penalty :)
M TDr 3 часа назад
i call neymar injury king
#for the Throne
#for the Throne 4 часа назад
No need for him!
Shalom Joseph
Shalom Joseph 4 часа назад
2:39 is the screenshot, yes it's clickbait. Messi never hugged Ronaldo to whisper anything.
leto weaver
leto weaver 4 часа назад
rurun.info/zone/video/u6GO2HqyadSFoZE Check out what Neymar did
JEJAK GAIB 4 часа назад
Persija vs Persib ini mah👍👍
Liofa 4 часа назад
To be fair, they were playing Hondurus...
Sufyan Mughal
Sufyan Mughal 4 часа назад
Love you Ronaldo ... From Pakistan
Gamerz Zone
Gamerz Zone 4 часа назад
5:32 😂😂
Mayur Borkar
Mayur Borkar 4 часа назад
1:45 thats was hand tackle
Romeo Odyzeus Bunga
Romeo Odyzeus Bunga 5 часов назад
Second goal must to be offside
Shaun Matthews
Shaun Matthews 5 часов назад
A goalkeeper after stopping a Cristiano Ronaldo shot😰😰😰
ishaq writes
ishaq writes 5 часов назад
it is most painfull when you pass the football but not go to yoy on player
Muhammet Seyid
Muhammet Seyid 5 часов назад
İ love you mr ozil Zidan
Sudha Rani
Sudha Rani 5 часов назад
This is the brilliat moment for cristiano ronaldo
Lijun Cai
Lijun Cai 5 часов назад
i feel VERY GOOD
Susojith Basumatary
Susojith Basumatary 5 часов назад
Tough gane
Ipan Shinyoo
Ipan Shinyoo 5 часов назад
Itulah akibatnya menyiderakan ronaldo
motivational Sports lovers players
motivational Sports lovers players 5 часов назад
rurun.infoCU3wP-Rxn0g?feature=share Messi
Bhavuk Sethi
Bhavuk Sethi 5 часов назад
The title not justify the video. It was Neymar and mappe playing the whole game. Didn't see any good play by Ronaldo
Coyote Sexy Girl
Coyote Sexy Girl 6 часов назад
Homicide 6 часов назад
Should be 10
B Munchen
B Munchen 6 часов назад
Pemain bintang jaman dulu kalo main satu lapangan adem liatnya, seolah2 gak ada rivalitas
sahedan 6 часов назад
zidane even retired he get tackled
Apry Asmara Andika
Apry Asmara Andika 7 часов назад
Each one of crazy soccer
KY FA 7 часов назад
Ah yes another "The Day" video
Solid Traveler Squad
Solid Traveler Squad 7 часов назад
10:38 Demi alex dilapangan musuhan di luar lapangan ngopi bareng 🤣😅
Aldebaran Ackerman
Aldebaran Ackerman 7 часов назад
5:32. Fuck hahahahahahahaha