20 Minutes of Greatest Football Comebacks Ever

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Footy Chief
Footy Chief 4 месяца назад
Me: likes a girl Me trying to flirt with her: 6:11
Siddarth V
Siddarth V Месяц назад
600th like
Sankha Suvra Saha
Sankha Suvra Saha Месяц назад
And that's how I met your mother
D'Artra Anderson
D'Artra Anderson 2 месяца назад
Damn Ronaldo not only helped them go through but with a hattrick. I’m a messi fan but you can’t deny that this man’s importance.
Edwon Rodrigues
Edwon Rodrigues 2 месяца назад
Damn Ronaldo not only helped them go through but with a hattrick. I’m a messi fan but you can’t deny that this man’s importance.
Truong Trung Chinh
Truong Trung Chinh 2 месяца назад
When you need a comeback call CRISTIANO RONALDO. Period! ✌️
Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar День назад
Lately Messi has been failing to deliver in big stages where Ronaldo is just getting better and better..
kelvin Gyimadoh
kelvin Gyimadoh День назад
Messi and Neymar's faces gave us new memes in the football world lmaoo
sachin maharjan
sachin maharjan 2 дня назад
Ronaldo UCL king
Jackpot BCV
Jackpot BCV 2 дня назад
That Barcelona vs PSG game isn't a comeback. It was a robbery in plain sight.
Football Content HD
Football Content HD 4 дня назад
I love the UEFA commentary
Sun Wong
Sun Wong 5 дней назад
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David Vador
David Vador 6 дней назад
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jon von arx
jon von arx 6 дней назад
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MoHd JaWaD
MoHd JaWaD 8 дней назад
did anyone noticed that when barca suffered from a comeback there was allison as an goal keeper
Steff K Abraham
Steff K Abraham 9 дней назад
5:58 when I have passing marks in exam
william jungs
william jungs 9 дней назад
Why Barcadogs always have to suffer from comeback ?? Lol
VUk Ceklic
VUk Ceklic 11 дней назад
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Daniel Bueno proyectos
Daniel Bueno proyectos 11 дней назад
Navin Kumar
Navin Kumar 11 дней назад
Barca vs PSG is a disgrace. Doesn't belong here.
jun ho park
jun ho park 11 дней назад
The shy shelf unequivocally bore because cormorant postnatally yell until a neat quit. false familiar famous, disgusting end
RUTANSHU DESAI 11 дней назад
Ucl 2017/18 and 18/19 were two of the best ucls
Piyush Malu
Piyush Malu 12 дней назад
Leg 1: Barca plays for themselves Leg 2: Barca plays for you😂😂😂
agt mythic
agt mythic 12 дней назад
Atletico won all because of oblak and the bus they the left in the parking lot
Gmail Farmer
Gmail Farmer 13 дней назад
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Ng Jeremy
Ng Jeremy 14 дней назад
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FARHAN MAN 15 дней назад
17:08 Lucas unlock baryon mode.
William Berding
William Berding 16 дней назад
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ITZXRMN 16 дней назад
Cristiano Ronaldo: -Most goals 758 (active) =CR7 -Most UCL goals & assists = CR7 -Most international goals 🇵🇹= CR7 -Most KO goals in history 🌎= CR7 -Most int. competitive goals = CR7 -Most EURO finals goals = CR7 -Most UCL KO goals = CR7 -Most UCL final goals = CR7 -Most Club World Cup goals -Most wrong foot goals = CR7 -Most freekicks (active)=CR7 -Most hattricks (active)= CR7 -Most freekicks in UCL = CR7 -Most hattricks in UCL = CR7 -Most UCL away goals = CR7 -Most UCL records = CR7 -Most UCL topscorer awards -Most Puskás awards = CR7 -Most Final goals = CR7 -Best La Liga ratio in history (1.065) -Most UEFA Best Player awards -Best UCL laliga, cdr ratio in Spain -5 UCL titles =CR7 🏆 -2 international trophies = CR7 🏆 -Won Serie A, Premier League & La Liga 🇪🇸 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇮🇹 = CR7 -Won Ballon D’or, Golden Boot & all awards in Prem & Spain =CR7 -11 consecutive games scored in: Serie A, UCL & La Liga =CR7 -Fastest player to reach 100-200-300 goals in La Liga First player to score 3 hat-tricks in 1 single UCL season =CR7 -Oldest player to score a hat-trick in UCL =CR7 -First player to win UEFA team of year in different positions -Top height header (2.93m🤯) -Top speed 38,6km/h -Top shot speed 156km/h -Top distance freekick 42 yards -Most goals in most consecutive seasons (60+ goals 5 cons. seasons) -Most contributions in his 5 UCL, 2 int. trophies, PL, laliga & Serie A -Most MAJOR individual awards (excluding minor awards) -5 Ballon D’or (should be 6 in 2018) -More assists than Xavi & Iniesta -Won individual award as midfielder -980 contributions in 5 different teams 4 different leagues =CR7 -CR7 the true GOAT🐐
Ajinkya Jadhav
Ajinkya Jadhav 16 дней назад
Barca and bottling better lovestory than twilight
Benjamin Daniels
Benjamin Daniels 17 дней назад
Truly great come back
Mayank Singh Koli
Mayank Singh Koli 17 дней назад
Choirul Fahmi
Choirul Fahmi 17 дней назад
there are no UCL Final 99 United vs Munich
Mang Suep
Mang Suep 17 дней назад
No hate but ronaldo freekick at 12:11 is lucky af lol
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 18 дней назад
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B SKY 18 дней назад
football I like it
Alexis Wang
Alexis Wang 18 дней назад
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lbc0823 18 дней назад
3:08 that cameras all going off at the same time
Xox Channel
Xox Channel 19 дней назад
This is one of the reasons why I love football, dramatic comeback.
Claudio Paredes
Claudio Paredes 19 дней назад
Los defensas Rojos empalmando la cacha como nadie
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin 19 дней назад
The testy plain consecutively brush because bicycle laparoscopically bare without a condemned bus. lovely, grubby gruesome saudi arabia
florin berechet
florin berechet 20 дней назад
Barcelona vs PSG it's not a comeback,that one off the bigest robery in CL.Without the referee Barcelona was defeated.
Day Rogelio
Day Rogelio 20 дней назад
Katie Gransden
Katie Gransden 20 дней назад
Mane is not Ronaldo!!!
Djsj Djsjsjsjs
Djsj Djsjsjsjs 20 дней назад
2:40 Sliding Into DM’s
Gubad Cepar
Gubad Cepar 21 день назад
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Theo Hummel
Theo Hummel 21 день назад
I havent watched the video yet, but I call it, there must be the legendary "DENEEEEEEEEY!!!!!"
Vibekiki YT
Vibekiki YT 21 день назад
Ronaldo is the 🗣🐐
Nikola Radmanovic
Nikola Radmanovic 22 дня назад
where is Partizan Belegrade- Qpr.?
Matheus C
Matheus C 22 дня назад
vídeo assim é bem melhor, só com o som da torcida ou a narração, sem aquelas músicas de progressive house. Parabéns !
Sudais Khan
Sudais Khan 22 дня назад
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Jebb Gtg
Jebb Gtg 23 дня назад
8:24 Messi was lke tf
Dayanne Guerra
Dayanne Guerra 23 дня назад
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Sarah Morales
Sarah Morales 24 дня назад
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Mohammad Zuhar
Mohammad Zuhar 24 дня назад
Goat CR7 scored Hattricks meanwhile someone got humiliated by.
Hannah Powell
Hannah Powell 24 дня назад
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Agaspa Lee
Agaspa Lee 24 дня назад
So CR7...this in juve shirt wasn't your first? you've done it before and still people are giving the g.o.a.t of football to someone, who has failed his national team in three finals...This world is not fair.
Michael 24 дня назад
Misleading title... I clicked for football and video is soccer...
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 24 дня назад
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Jacobo Pinhasoff
Jacobo Pinhasoff 24 дня назад
Who else LOVE football?
Chris George
Chris George 25 дней назад
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Yin Tai Ng
Yin Tai Ng 25 дней назад
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farqhan sherzz
farqhan sherzz 25 дней назад
where's drogbaaaaaaasss
George 26 дней назад
Ronaldo 7 is the greatest player ever 🐐🔥
4_kheang_7 26 дней назад
The rise and the fall of AJAX.
David Triana
David Triana 26 дней назад
Liverpool fans like me skipping through the first minutes of the video until the juventus vs atletico madrid game
Lolanator234 27 дней назад
Half of these weren’t comebacks at all
Lolanator234 27 дней назад
They only really have to show Barca vs PSG in the second leg
fabe salas
fabe salas 27 дней назад
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TheKloro 27 дней назад
M. Llronte do wonder
Clark Loeffler
Clark Loeffler 27 дней назад
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aurelio galasso
aurelio galasso 27 дней назад
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Gabriel Suazo 28 дней назад
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David Zheng
David Zheng 29 дней назад
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Ritesh Timalapur
Ritesh Timalapur 29 дней назад
5:38 Di Maria is underrated
Amo kaka
Amo kaka 29 дней назад
15:23 how is that a pen fucking suarez acting like a dramaqueen... Worst ref in history and barca made a handball that game that should have been a pen to psg
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 29 дней назад
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K1KW 29 дней назад
if u played pes mobile 20 u would know this was his face on his purple 100 rated card. if yk,yk
Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell Месяц назад
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outcast 420
outcast 420 Месяц назад
Its actually 21:57 -Emily
Natasa Antonic
Natasa Antonic Месяц назад
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mark thebong
mark thebong Месяц назад
Adrian has blood on his hands
lisandro flores
lisandro flores Месяц назад
How you gonna beat a hard as liverpool team at their house and then bend over the rest of the tournament?
Zuhair Mustafa
Zuhair Mustafa 29 дней назад
@lisandro flores because of dayot upamecano defending
lisandro flores
lisandro flores 29 дней назад
@Zuhair Mustafa yall don't speak English? The hardest opponent atletico faced was liverpool, I am saying how did they just crumble after beating liverpool Holy crap
Zuhair Mustafa
Zuhair Mustafa 29 дней назад
@lisandro flores I mean I'm a lfc fan so I kind of have to say our defense was shit.
lisandro flores
lisandro flores Месяц назад
@Zuhair Mustafa chokers
Zuhair Mustafa
Zuhair Mustafa Месяц назад
By being a park the bus team and waiting for their shitty goalie to make mistakes
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Месяц назад
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Abdinoor Ahmed
Abdinoor Ahmed Месяц назад
Manchester United vs Bayern? 🤦🏽‍♂️
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Месяц назад
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Doman p. lumban gaol
Doman p. lumban gaol Месяц назад
Barca vs psg, Suarez diving + s.Roberto offside. 😄😄😄👎👎👎
JASON HUANG Месяц назад
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matt waldman
matt waldman Месяц назад
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Polskee Месяц назад
Having the scores would have have been better.
George Tashjian
George Tashjian Месяц назад
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Bryan Loke
Bryan Loke Месяц назад
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anh hoang
anh hoang Месяц назад
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nsg ksvh
nsg ksvh Месяц назад
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Abdulkadir Nasidi
Abdulkadir Nasidi Месяц назад
Liverpool hold two of the best comebacks in the video.
issa win
issa win Месяц назад
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nick wetmore
nick wetmore Месяц назад
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Alex C
Alex C Месяц назад
The Barca comeback vs psg full of ref help. If it were today... Never would of happened with var.
Jimmy Chen
Jimmy Chen Месяц назад
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Han Gor
Han Gor Месяц назад
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daye kwon Месяц назад
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Gautam Saini Месяц назад
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Man Nga
Man Nga Месяц назад
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.
Arka Narayan
Arka Narayan Месяц назад
What does this video teach NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!
Frank Zhu
Frank Zhu Месяц назад
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