"90 Minutes - This is Football" - Motivational Video | HD

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Alsido Football

3 года назад

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Pablo Bamaca
Pablo Bamaca 3 года назад
Think I just found my pre game motivation👌
Football impact
Football impact Месяц назад
@Perro Vision rurun.info/goal/IQv27rMEJuaJPZwXPZexxg.html
Football impact
Football impact Месяц назад
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Football impact
Football impact Месяц назад
@aditi rathore rurun.info/goal/IQv27rMEJuaJPZwXPZexxg.html
Yaboitaylor 23 дня назад
I walk down the tunnel early bc am always on the bench
RNS MrSniper1
RNS MrSniper1 29 дней назад
I think I may become a legend after watching this👍
Aditya Bharadwaj
Aditya Bharadwaj Месяц назад
I thought this video was 90 minutes 🤪
Football impact
Football impact Месяц назад
Cabdiyo Cabdi
Cabdiyo Cabdi Месяц назад
Football is the game it runs in our veins
study point
study point Месяц назад
I am from india I don't speak English But i love football
The Sport Rodi
The Sport Rodi 2 месяца назад
Vishnu E
Vishnu E 2 месяца назад
This video makes me feel i am a legend
Haris Fillah
Haris Fillah 4 месяца назад
Time is gold🥇
Brindha Sudhakar
Brindha Sudhakar 4 месяца назад
This what football I love football because the every goals is goal of the players life and moves everything in football keeps me motivated and thats only the football is the only game which everyone loves which motivated me in my life the emotions and feelings of achievement of the day of goals in precious
Sammy Boy
Sammy Boy 5 месяцев назад
antee 3lj
antee 3lj 5 месяцев назад
I will show the world who I am!
Sukhvir Sidhu
Sukhvir Sidhu 6 месяцев назад
Football is simple, but it is difficult to play simple. #football lovers❤️
Sameer Khazeer
Sameer Khazeer 7 месяцев назад
I like thise video because it let about the football i wach the video than i now that the football is very hard game when we to more and more practice we become very hard player than i want to my country India and win fifa world cup
Chewang Palzor
Chewang Palzor 7 месяцев назад
Andrew Bowness
Andrew Bowness 7 месяцев назад
I’m a 14 year old lad who loves the game , in my area it is very very hard to get noticed , I know a few players who are extremely talented but drink and smoke . However I am not THE best player but I work the hardest , I train 5 days a week I started playing at 8 but a team at 13 and most people recognise me for my talent and hard work. I will become pro and prove everyone wrong who tried to get me down ✊🏼anyone want to message me my ig is : a.ndrew.12
KlayersGaming 7 месяцев назад
Best motivation video i've seen
Rodrigo FAraujo
Rodrigo FAraujo 8 месяцев назад
The speech was a little bad to be honest, it didnt go well with music, their voice tone, and may other things. It just felt a little bit to forced. Go watch Nihaldinho Official Dont Quit, is Possible for exame and I think you will understand what I am saying
laveena a j
laveena a j 8 месяцев назад
In my opinion there are many people of different countries you should also add the subtitle if you can
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez Год назад
lil s
lil s Год назад
1:05 what if it is a draw!!
Talha Ahmed
Talha Ahmed Год назад
My coach memorized this and used it for our final game, and I was like did you just use a youtube video 😂😂😂
The Silencer
The Silencer Год назад
Umm so anyone else just feel soo good for your next game after watching this video
domilak Год назад
Hi, I am 15 and last summer i decided to start playing football. I was playing floorball when i was young. The club here accepted me. Everyone was saying that i am too old to start doing some sport. But i never believed to them. They was saying stupid things like football is for homosexual. It was and it is a motivation for me to show them what is inside me. Only my family and my best friends support me. Everytime a can, I go to backyard alone, because noone wants to train with me. Even the people on the street look on me and say who is the boy doing here ? Never listened them. Just doing my dream come true. Last week i thought i might end with football. But then i realized football is my passion. Thanks to everyone who read my journey. And believe it or not, I am not going to end with football. Do not stop, follow your passion and your dreams come true.
Artur-d2 hello
Artur-d2 hello Год назад
LukaTube Год назад
I have been playing for 12 years now and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. When I was younger I was being laughed at by my teammates for being shit, as the years went on they slowly stopped it. Eventually they stopped playing, I have kept going and have passed their skill and ability by a mile. I am currently playing under 20’s and I’m 16 years old, and I’m training almost everyday. There is no excuse for having no where to train. In my house I dribble around furniture and get rebounds of the walls and practise small skills in tighter areas to improve ball control. I do this everyday alongside my normal training outdoors. What I’m saying is that who gives a shit what others say. The only limit to your ability is YOU. Keep going and you will get your dream. Never give up 💪💪💪
Chocolate boy
Chocolate boy Год назад
Stupid this not worldwar 3👊😂🙂😂
Baptista Livongue
Baptista Livongue Год назад
The love of football
jaafar chalhoub
jaafar chalhoub Год назад
using this video before ever game. soccer championship tonight and this has helped me stay positive
Paranoas Cy
Paranoas Cy Год назад
The best video thanks!
This is not a football ceuse i did not see who make the football MESSI 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Aadil Singh
Aadil Singh Год назад
Amazing! I am working heck a lot I am not giving up!
Henrik kh
Henrik kh Год назад
bad song
Henrik kh
Henrik kh Год назад
Paige Quimby
Paige Quimby Год назад
No women’s teams in this?
Jonny Lindfors
Jonny Lindfors Год назад
I play 75 my dudd
Vanisha Moothoocaroopen
Vanisha Moothoocaroopen Год назад
Just got inspired to do more and to do a similar speech to motivate my peers🙌🏽🤤 THANK YOU ❤️
Young Flesh
Young Flesh Год назад
More likes 4 minutes hehe 😜
David Kocevski
David Kocevski Год назад
Ahhhh the time when i teached Ronaldo and Messi to play football
Snj 123
Snj 123 Год назад
I use to be bad but I’m doing okay so far
Maytix Год назад
I want be fotballer but im 17 yo :(
OldschoolBB Год назад
Dont give up ! Dont dream ! Make it real ! I believe in you
Shane Kenoo
Shane Kenoo Год назад
Know that you can do all things through christ
Shane Kenoo
Shane Kenoo Год назад
You must pray
عزي - w-r15
عزي - w-r15 Год назад
كل زق
Ludvig Lindkvist
Ludvig Lindkvist Год назад
The video is called “this is football” but this is not football. What the fuck happens to the defenders and the goalkeepers? There is only two goalkeeper saves in this video, (two penalty saves)????? Football is definitely not only about scoring goals, there is a lot of argot things that this video should have showed instead of all those goals. This is bad..
Arsenal 360
Arsenal 360 Год назад
This video inspired me a lot give my best at all times but I’m learning or when I’m winning
Yeet Yeeter
Yeet Yeeter Год назад
Watched this before I played a game this is what happened My coach puts pressure on me by making me captain I let 2 goals in (2 pens) and I got a punted assist We won the game Then I wake up
Samuel Gallegos
Samuel Gallegos Год назад
I send this video to my brother on Snapchat and he blocked me why he plays NFL 😂
Swade_ Macky
Swade_ Macky Год назад
Carrying home tht trophy with my team at the wings tournament next week.
Alfheidur Sigurdardottir
Alfheidur Sigurdardottir Год назад
Why are there just guys and not girls?
Gabby S
Gabby S Год назад
Hey hey yeah
Kosta Gligorov
Kosta Gligorov Год назад
Croatians wont be happy with this video😂
kidz Account
kidz Account Год назад
I'm crying
Suliman Bundu
Suliman Bundu Год назад
Buster mOon _
Buster mOon _ Год назад
Dang it gets you
MicroD2G_ YT
MicroD2G_ YT Год назад
I hate it when all your hard work is gone when you take a 2 day break, then all your skills is gone and dont know how to do it again.
David Год назад
I just play 60 minutes 😥 I'm 12
_ carti
_ carti Год назад
0 minutes Because you are warming bench
Carlos Porter
Carlos Porter Год назад
Borna Jambriško
Borna Jambriško Год назад
When you watch this video and it ends up to be 120 minutes
xx_Reap3r _xx
xx_Reap3r _xx Год назад
I watched this and I scored 1 goal and I was confident today I'm proud.
Lz Год назад
As many times I get regected for the school team I will keep trying harder as many times I don't get put in the starting 11 of my academy I will keep trying harder and I will never give no matter how many times people push me down I will always stand back up I will never give up I will stay standing until I sucseed
7 7 7
7 7 7 Год назад
Bro.... You made me cry please be sucsesfull I give all my luck to you
Nathan Lopez
Nathan Lopez Год назад
I whatched this video before everygame and we were undefeated
paweu Год назад
john barrottski
john barrottski Год назад
This video helped me because none of my friends believe in me and i didn't ether because of my asma and now im a good soccer player
Annika Niclasen
Annika Niclasen Год назад
Thank you!!!!!⚽️❤️
Legend Год назад
murphylmartin9614 Год назад
showed this vid to me team during pregame before state championship we won 9 - 0 i scored 4 goals
-Craig -
-Craig - Год назад
Am i only one who saved this? I think someone saved too BECAUSE THIS IS LIT!
Pelle Kvandal
Pelle Kvandal Год назад
I only like the video because of Liverpool
-Craig -
-Craig - Год назад
Emmanuel Adams
Emmanuel Adams Год назад
Am not going to give up 👆 NEVER
jerson amaya
jerson amaya Год назад
Strong words
Alvaro D
Alvaro D Год назад
Today my team was losing 6-0 to a team we had lost to 6-1 before but I did my best and in the second half we did better and I scored the 1 goal for my team.It was all for honor😤. But if we had played the 2nd half like the 1st we could’ve won or tied even with our defense that was pretty bad because the important people didn’t show up but I gave it my all
fifek Zowal
fifek Zowal Год назад
No Messi 😂
Fidah Tasnuva Shuchi
Fidah Tasnuva Shuchi Год назад
Where is Messi?
Ivan Radic
Ivan Radic Год назад
Thanks for that video
BeastgameR 2 года назад
2:12 your hunger will be tested on the field Goosebumps 😍✌️
Crazy Cupcakes
Crazy Cupcakes 2 года назад
new sub. “you need to know you’ve got it in yourself.” most beautiful quote i’ve ever heard.💗
Leeba Saji
Leeba Saji 2 года назад
Then this called something best motivational video
Mousey Gamer
Mousey Gamer 2 года назад
I love you video ☺
Mousey Gamer
Mousey Gamer 2 года назад
Like mexico vs germany and mexico was working sooo so hard to win germany for the first time.
Pablo Hussein
Pablo Hussein 2 года назад
After watched this video .. I won my ucl final match over my friend who's said he can win over me 🔥
AA 10
AA 10 2 года назад
I'm a CM.... Everywhere
AA 10
AA 10 2 года назад
It is only 1 second.... ONLY ONÉ SECOND... To give a sub
AARYA RAJ BARUAH 2 года назад
I'm not here to participate ...I'm here to win..💖
Ledion Krasniqi
Ledion Krasniqi 2 года назад
The person who has this channel its an albanian I am 100% sure.
david pervan
david pervan 2 года назад
My teamates would laugh at me now I am number 1 in my team now they respect me
Kenseifutbol Soccer boy
Kenseifutbol Soccer boy 2 года назад
Subscribed for more, liked the video, that one video pumped me up
ALMARID GAMES 2 года назад
صدى الملاعب هههههه
Tsering Dolker
Tsering Dolker 2 года назад
Very good motivational video5
Sai Prabhu
Sai Prabhu 2 года назад
I won wfc match when I saw the video
Teri Belt
Teri Belt 2 года назад
Is soccer ball
Ojay Clarino
Ojay Clarino 2 года назад
hello guys, if you have time please check my channel out. just started filming my road to recovery from an ACL injury. thank you!
Nevaeh Garcia
Nevaeh Garcia 2 года назад
One of the best🥰
Moses 2 года назад
Amazing video 💯
Omair Khan
Omair Khan 2 года назад
I watched a lot of motivational videos and when we played we were losing 1-4 we got the team to 6-6 it was the last minute I scored a volley and won the MATCH I was really happy I scored 2 goals And I’m only 12 and I was playing against 17 year olds And I shot a free kick and hit the corner of the crossbar Sorry but I’m so happy
Faqing Feds
Faqing Feds 2 года назад
These 90 minutes are ronaldiho playground
Abcdefghijk 2 года назад
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