Crazy Fights & Furious Moments in Football 2

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king karma
king karma 15 часов назад
*5:32* only yellow!?
G Ren
G Ren День назад
Better then varun dhawan acting 2:00
Adan Hassan 04
Adan Hassan 04 День назад
Bruh that kick on the head with Diego Costa was just nasty
Wahid Afrin
Wahid Afrin 2 дня назад
6:38 da gibts bisschen Theater oi oi oi oi😂😂
Владимир Иваненко
Владимир Иваненко 3 дня назад
Udit Boro
Udit Boro 3 дня назад
David Luiz in every figh 😂
1978 woqjf
1978 woqjf 4 дня назад
그렇게 싸우고 싶으면 축구를 하지 말고 UFC로 가지
Alexander Colreavy
Alexander Colreavy 4 дня назад
Messi what a diver
tj1990 5 дней назад
some of these guys sell so good they could be in the wwe
FaucetFailureKing 5 дней назад
Dude, they should be actors. All of them are great floppers
Charbel Dagher
Charbel Dagher 6 дней назад
Best main event I ever see
Bro Bro
Bro Bro 7 дней назад
Everyone just gonna ignore 3:15 or what lol.
Ludovic Breixo
Ludovic Breixo 10 дней назад
As a football player myself, I feel football players are wussies. All they do is push and yell at each other. Nothing ever happens. I see actually fighting at a daycare
Mathizel _
Mathizel _ 10 дней назад
It’s really funny the player screams and 2 seconds later he can run and fight lol what a pussy or hold their face if they were hitting on the shoulder haha
Mathizel _
Mathizel _ 10 дней назад
War so klar das Dortmund dabei ist
Stitches S
Stitches S 11 дней назад
Disappointing vid, in first 4 minutes most are barely worth mentioning
Farbror Nilsson
Farbror Nilsson 11 дней назад
lol, in football you push around a little during fights, sometimes you headbutt someone in the chest and they fall to the ground crying, in hockey you punch one another in the face repeatitly until the refs has to stop the fight. Talk about football players are pussies.
King Steezy
King Steezy 12 дней назад
The way he pushed mbappe killed me😂😂😂
Pranjal 12 дней назад
This is not even close to 1% .. do watch female football fight...
Paul Saunders
Paul Saunders 12 дней назад
All soccer players can’t fight and r soft like what did I just watch a bunch of flopping and sissy kicks PSA IF U KICK IN A FIGHT AND YOUR NOT STOMPING THEM Out YOUR PUSSY NONE KICKS
Jim mainey
Jim mainey 12 дней назад
Jesus Christ, the flopping and rolling is off the charts. Imagine if they actually got a full blown punch to the face.
Vegeta 13 дней назад
Y el putazo de C. Blanco al jugador de chivas!????
Vlad Antoniuk
Vlad Antoniuk 13 дней назад
A lovely sight
Andreas Michael Leth
Andreas Michael Leth 14 дней назад
Fights? Like schoolgirls?
Sudharsan Balaji
Sudharsan Balaji 15 дней назад
Foot ball? This is soccer
Riccardo Cacciare
Riccardo Cacciare 15 дней назад
Everybody knows Richarlison wanted to Kiss Alexander Arnold
jorge gutierrez
jorge gutierrez 15 дней назад
9:49 cuando empieza a valer todo
Unico Nada
Unico Nada 16 дней назад
yall forgot the best fight Albania vs Serbia that’s a real fight fellas
J Pweek
J Pweek 16 дней назад
Neymar didn't punch him... it's just a little slap on the back of the head. I mean if you're gonna get sent off for that you might as well kick the guy hard in the nuts
Sk islam
Sk islam 16 дней назад
SLQTH. 18 дней назад
2:00 when you get punched in the throat and your eyes start hurting. don't you hate when that happens
Kirkston Melder
Kirkston Melder 18 дней назад
Footballers have to take acting classed before hitting the field lmao😂😂
Big Chad
Big Chad 20 дней назад
Yooo my friends brother is in this video Garrick for Swansea 👊🏿
Diogo Santos
Diogo Santos 20 дней назад
4:26 que tourada...
Chris George
Chris George 20 дней назад
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Fahriddin Rajabov
Fahriddin Rajabov 21 день назад
Stephen McNeil
Stephen McNeil 21 день назад
Bunch of fannies
Saidal Kakar
Saidal Kakar 21 день назад
Marseille is a shame to Football. Shame!
Tate Ferdinand
Tate Ferdinand 22 дня назад
Same no background music is 😍
Samanta Saita
Samanta Saita 23 дня назад
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RatFink 24 дня назад
when the altercation starts: 😡vs😡 when one of them gets hit first: 😡vs😭
Will Hansford
Will Hansford 27 дней назад
Why do they always try to kiss each other?
Moh DZfdl
Moh DZfdl 27 дней назад
messi is not cool i hate him he is like a dog
Nikil Babu
Nikil Babu 27 дней назад
When you spam the sliding tackle button on fifa after you lost all your patience 9:50
the gaming gaming
the gaming gaming 22 дня назад
SACHIN NIKAM 27 дней назад
Sometimes they show great acting skills
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 27 дней назад
1:30-holly Freiburg manager stupid provocateur,kill this duck "DDDD
Adam Dam
Adam Dam 28 дней назад
Psg aggrevating for wins, spanish and italian football in general. you lose 20 mins of a game to petty diva politics.... as good as them leagues (minus french) are.
Jhon Michel
Jhon Michel 28 дней назад
Richarlison and neymar😄😄
Tim !!!
Tim !!! 29 дней назад
no messi v robbo at Anfield???
ITACHI 29 дней назад
5:11 ronaldo about to kick his own fan
Christoph Wyss
Christoph Wyss Месяц назад
2.28 well the real player gets pushed over the other player. sorry but this was never planed to do so
Henry Tenden
Henry Tenden Месяц назад
Is this what you called a fight??? Weak...
Hafid Zaeiny
Hafid Zaeiny Месяц назад
Terimakasih sudah membawa budaya kami Indonesia ke Eropa🙏
Strike Up
Strike Up Месяц назад
Bruh 9:50 I laughed so hard my neighbor called an ambulance.
yoked scrotecus
yoked scrotecus Месяц назад
Lol "fights"
Keyboard Dancers
Keyboard Dancers Месяц назад
Give them each a handbag!
Faceless Panda
Faceless Panda Месяц назад
0:43 Nobody touches the ball, don't want to break the rules hahaha
Oscar Flores
Oscar Flores Месяц назад
Some of these are overly dramatic
thony Месяц назад
wtf is this go watch real fight: Hockey fight
vinnie vdk
vinnie vdk Месяц назад
I did not see any real fight. these players act like little children. Disgusting to watch tbh
Bryan Hernandez
Bryan Hernandez Месяц назад
My guy really thought they were playing 🏈 11:17
Bryan Hernandez
Bryan Hernandez Месяц назад
It must be the worst feeling getting into a fight cause you getting pushed by like 10 players bruh
Daunte Williams
Daunte Williams Месяц назад
1:26 is he his man or smt
FOBOS& DEIMOS Месяц назад
Sandeep Maurya
Sandeep Maurya Месяц назад
10:00 that jumping 16 no jersey guy ,not sure he is a footballer or bouncer
ongbak jgmail
ongbak jgmail 19 дней назад
Hope Iriogbe
Hope Iriogbe Месяц назад
Ryan H
Ryan H Месяц назад
Man they fight like pansies. 💩
나윤덕 Месяц назад
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Steven Randall
Steven Randall Месяц назад
What's with these guys biting each other? Must be a Euro thing
Steven Randall
Steven Randall 29 дней назад
@Brotkeule a shot to the twig n berries is never a bad idea
Brotkeule Месяц назад
Thats just how we do in the EU but normally u r supposed to aim for the PP
_AIRIL_ Месяц назад
Neymar was just patting his head lmaoo wtf😂😂
WeeeWriter Месяц назад
*That last guy was very very lucky Ramos didn't kick his ass lol*
CJ Thomas
CJ Thomas Месяц назад
I play soccer and these guys act like they want to fight but no one wants to throw a punch
Marquis de Suave
Marquis de Suave Месяц назад
These ladies wouldn't last a minute in the NHL.
tony stark
tony stark Месяц назад
Young is a legend....
Kafedjija Playz
Kafedjija Playz Месяц назад
0:40 this fight remindes me of Barselona and Real idk other cluc that has Real in name and it isnt Real Madrid when played Maradona he kicked 3 or 4 players omg hahaha
Marcelo Rebiski
Marcelo Rebiski Месяц назад
Marcelo Rebiski
Marcelo Rebiski Месяц назад
V************** f************
bodo fröhlich
bodo fröhlich Месяц назад
also ihr kasper, entweder ihr teilt richtig aus oder ar nicht, dieses schulhof geschubse ist lächerlich
VN TECHY Месяц назад
Pray for Mesut Özil to pick in Arsenal squad
Pratham Soni
Pratham Soni Месяц назад
was Ronaldo gonna kick his fans????
Clima Extremo Videos Weather news videos
Clima Extremo Videos Weather news videos 2 месяца назад
1:24 😂😂 se lo quiere comer a besos
Tyonna Scott
Tyonna Scott 2 месяца назад
Wow, all of these men are gorgeous! Thank God for Man 😍
Warren Allen
Warren Allen 2 месяца назад
Funny to see little boys go on like new born babies, easy 2 understand why most are covered in ink, they need everyone 2see them as hard core athletes. Male soccer needs nappies on site....
Mark Keppel
Mark Keppel 2 месяца назад
if you read Jorginho's lips, he says "filho da puta", Portugese for "son of a bitch". I worked with a good few Brazilians in restaurants and they love saying that haha
It’s Abe
It’s Abe 2 месяца назад
Too be fair when they get in eac others face it just looks like their holding back a kiss
Janeth Cherotich
Janeth Cherotich 2 месяца назад
Trent is so harmless....such a cool
Janeth Cherotich
Janeth Cherotich 2 месяца назад
😅😅 how Ashley fights without taking damn about it 😄
Saravjeet Sandhu
Saravjeet Sandhu 2 месяца назад
Ramos is so kind Always helping the players on the ground to get up
Asif Khan
Asif Khan 19 дней назад
Hope Iriogbe
Hope Iriogbe Месяц назад
Saythetruth 13
Saythetruth 13 2 месяца назад
11:36 if Ramos does this kind of bullshit he always gets away with it or just gets yellow
Saythetruth 13
Saythetruth 13 2 месяца назад
6:01 That's the typical lil brother who messes with the older one and after getting beaten up runs to mom and dad to snitch
Strike Up
Strike Up Месяц назад
Lmao 🤣
henawymt 2 месяца назад
Bursted laughing at that Legendary bitch slap @ 6:05 fight ended immediately
I am Speed
I am Speed 2 месяца назад
They look like they're about to kiss most of the time lmao
Nikol Ralcheva
Nikol Ralcheva 2 месяца назад
My Idle is ramos
Nikol Ralcheva
Nikol Ralcheva 2 месяца назад
It relax me and it keep me calm
JBR Vids
JBR Vids 2 месяца назад
the cheer from the Man U fans when di Maria was thrown into the stand😂😂😂😂
Baz Buncher
Baz Buncher 3 месяца назад
Ronaldo should get an oscar wanker
Thomas Müller The German G.O.A.T
Thomas Müller The German G.O.A.T 3 месяца назад
Pepe legend in every football fights
Sam Benedict Aveiro
Sam Benedict Aveiro 26 дней назад
Tempest Rage
Tempest Rage 3 месяца назад
Wow, footballers are such pussies. Whats with trying to kiss each other? Was that a love bite by Diego Costa?? 😆😆 I guessed neymar can be a cocky bastard and rub people up the wrong way. Its a disgrace
John Rose
John Rose 3 месяца назад
Oh it's so nice to see the little boys having a kickabout on a Saturday afternoon. What a shame they continue to behave like little boys when they turn professional. What a bunch of overpaid prima-donna arseholes.
Sujit Oli
Sujit Oli 3 месяца назад
10:02 that was me jumping
Pessimist Kai
Pessimist Kai 3 месяца назад
5:10 Ronaldo. Hahahahahaha
BLACK 18 дней назад
Pessimist? More like, Pessi missed, another penalty in knockouts.
Q Dub
Q Dub 3 месяца назад
Can someone just throw a 1-2 combo once???
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