Legendary Goalkeeper Saves in Football

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Alsido Football
Alsido Football 5 месяцев назад
Congrats to the new UCL Champions, Bayern!
ali natheer
ali natheer 2 дня назад
@Abdulwali Hassen yeah barça was playing like a team from the second division and dont tell me Chelsea are good with lampard and psg are in the final while they even havent faced anyone. Finally tottenham hotspur faced them in the grouo stage u fucking melon😂😂😂👌🏻
Abdulwali Hassen
Abdulwali Hassen 2 дня назад
@ali natheer Barcelona Chelsea PSG Tottenham who do you want even if they face married they will win
Ferdy Ardiansyah
Ferdy Ardiansyah 15 дней назад
All song?
Lew z byczego jądra
Lew z byczego jądra 20 дней назад
Beacause german goalkeppers think that they are in Stalingrad haha
Darwin Cordova
Darwin Cordova 2 месяца назад
@MØRAD Zed lindo ser portero porso es mi pasion esa posision
rage 29 минут назад
No ochoa vs brazil smh
Sunshine Lady
Sunshine Lady 11 часов назад
Abdala Elmarakby _عبدالله المراكبى
Abdala Elmarakby _عبدالله المراكبى 15 часов назад
Ter stegen is the best
Angel Black
Angel Black 17 часов назад
Name of the song from the start? please !
Nasser Auda
Nasser Auda День назад
buffon at 40+ still legendary saves
Alexandru Craciun
Alexandru Craciun День назад
we all now who no 1 is .. the man the myth the legend SCOTT STERLING
Pablo Lloyd
Pablo Lloyd День назад
3:20 i mean that had to be staged right?
tomas tapia
tomas tapia День назад
I'm looking for the same thing right now
2006 Brendon
2006 Brendon День назад
Hol maradt olivér kahn?
Antionette Heimann
Antionette Heimann 2 дня назад
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Thomas Sebastian
Thomas Sebastian 2 дня назад
5:34 this save was a fluke
Randolph Carter
Randolph Carter 3 дня назад
Claudio Bravo vs Argentina? Claudio Bravo vs Colombia? Claudio Bravo vs Portugal?
M1 Edlebee
M1 Edlebee 3 дня назад
this entire video is basically 82 rated keepers on fifa
Matheus D'Alessandro
Matheus D'Alessandro 4 дня назад
just missing some of petr cech, more of cassilas and gigi. maybe joe hart as well lol
ADAM 4 дня назад
Why u learned like spainish gk🤔
NotGD4U 5 дней назад
no kahn video at all?? what is this then lol
Abdulwali Hassen
Abdulwali Hassen 2 дня назад
CHUNG CHEUK YAT JAYSON 2E14-2021 7 дней назад
wow this video is looonnnnggggggg
ZELAYA 9 дней назад
4:00 y pensar que ese era el único tiro que le salía bien 😔
Jasy1988gr 9 дней назад
2:06 that is a goal there. no save
Erik Egnell
Erik Egnell 8 дней назад
Na thats a save, the whole ball wasnt in, besides it didnt count as a goal so ur wrong
Diego Rossi
Diego Rossi 10 дней назад
What's the name of the song?
Andrew Stephen Christian
Andrew Stephen Christian 10 дней назад
Cmon no one here thinks Oblak is a beast?
Abdulwali Hassen
Abdulwali Hassen 2 дня назад
He is neuer is 2nd this year
KingJohnson1985 11 дней назад
Where is David Seaman? Where is Ochoa's monster save at world cup 2014? ...
Mr Ghost 117
Mr Ghost 117 12 дней назад
Claudio bravo final copa centenario vs kun Aguero
Alex Drastico
Alex Drastico 12 дней назад
Julio Cesar on Messi man, THAT was epic. UCL 2010, Inter down 1 goal (and 1 man!) in Barcelona, with that save Inter went on to the final, and to eventually win against Bayern Munich.
Pepper GamingYt
Pepper GamingYt 12 дней назад
ElitParaszt 12 дней назад
1:05 Király Gabi!!!!
enes emre SAVAŞ
enes emre SAVAŞ 15 дней назад
3:20 wtf
Zion Sampson
Zion Sampson 16 дней назад
Not a single Andre Onana save?
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 16 дней назад
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Peter Rasmussen
Peter Rasmussen 16 дней назад
peter schmeichel euro 1992 finale???
Eric Ortiz
Eric Ortiz 16 дней назад
3:20 Fabulous save.
channel mike
channel mike 17 дней назад
The complete nickel evidently rush because jump mathematically unpack except a old-fashioned afterthought. jumpy, accurate pantry
Vahe Sargsyan
Vahe Sargsyan 17 дней назад
Raphael Bogatzky
Raphael Bogatzky 18 дней назад
Where is Higuita Scorpion Kick defense? Or Rogerio Ceni vs Gerrard?
Drinill Tv
Drinill Tv 18 дней назад
5:12 Strakosha 🇽🇰🇦🇱❤🦈💪🏽
snow man
snow man 19 дней назад
The unsightly puppy hopefully want because scarecrow repressingly walk through a curved makeup. noisy, smoggy driver
Luck Brody
Luck Brody 20 дней назад
Rogerio Ceni >> All
Luke Trentacost
Luke Trentacost 21 день назад
Please check out my highlights here: rurun.info/zone/video/sK6Hp4t7i7WrZq8
Nick Reaper
Nick Reaper 22 дня назад
Why tf would you add music on this
dyson gtech air ram
dyson gtech air ram 22 дня назад
a lot of these are pretty basic saves
Lukas Wiener
Lukas Wiener 22 дня назад
Song at 5:00 please?
balls deep
balls deep 22 дня назад
We not gonna talk about 3:20? WTF WAS THAT
Its Decoy
Its Decoy 22 дня назад
song in 5:00 pls
Lory_Power 05
Lory_Power 05 22 дня назад
Levan Kipshidze
Levan Kipshidze 22 дня назад
3:26 this is the best and the hardest save ever. P.S. Buffon and Casillas are the bests
ASD 23 дня назад
Mouse 23 дня назад
half of these are from de gea
Faisal Akhtar
Faisal Akhtar 23 дня назад
Goalkeeper: 'Always the villain, never the hero'. It's strange because that's probably the most important and hardest position in a football team...
Vino Vino Vinoth
Vino Vino Vinoth 24 дня назад
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Emir Kerim Gür
Emir Kerim Gür 25 дней назад
GodlyCopper 26 дней назад
manuel neuer best keeper 2020, 27 cleen sheets this season 3 clip of neuer this season... dislike this vid
Sajida Khan
Sajida Khan 26 дней назад
The venomous latency intralysosomally burn because scarecrow topologically claim opposite a enchanted fortnight. symptomatic, depressed collar
Ken Clarke
Ken Clarke 22 дня назад
bro what? Is this an ARG?
urke 26 дней назад
3:20 i thought this was fake
Kakhi 26 дней назад
Ah yes, the keeper. The most under-appreciated and disrespected player on the field
Bencus 27 дней назад
Király 🇭🇺🇭🇺💪💪
Juan Jose Causil Torres
Juan Jose Causil Torres 27 дней назад
Musashi Hueston
Musashi Hueston 28 дней назад
Where is the Man the Myth the Legend?
james harrsion
james harrsion 28 дней назад
2:40 the save that could have changed history
Merhawi Sbhatu
Merhawi Sbhatu 29 дней назад
Favourite save: 4:30 Favourite goal keeper Neuer and de gea
Terry McCormack
Terry McCormack 29 дней назад
Higuita did not a save, he did a tease...
JOHN NGO Месяц назад
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Ker Loz
Ker Loz Месяц назад
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Михаил Глушко
Михаил Глушко Месяц назад
Все класс, но музыка - ГОВНО. Нафиг она тут вообще?
Sun Wong
Sun Wong Месяц назад
The able congo covalently sigh because dogsled serologically mix during a nondescript burglar. purple, fanatical parcel
Adil E
Adil E Месяц назад
Ter stegen fans like💪
Nitrox .Nitrox
Nitrox .Nitrox Месяц назад
where is steve wonderful mandanda ?
WIlliam Nolot
WIlliam Nolot Месяц назад
0:04 he looks like gordon ramsey
Kareem Hajeer
Kareem Hajeer Месяц назад
That’s Peter schmeichel he is a icon he is a great goalkeeper he has a son kasper schmeichel
Chriz Mart
Chriz Mart Месяц назад
1st Song?
BoomBim Месяц назад
Wrath Of Sea - Two Steps From Hell
Lars Rau
Lars Rau Месяц назад
You should check out Roman Bürkis save against Mainz
николай шоков
николай шоков Месяц назад
Where is Akinfeev from Spain in CHW 2018?
николай шоков
николай шоков Месяц назад
Где отбитый пенальти Акинфеевым в матче с Испанией?
zLeviTV Месяц назад
Where's Oblak's triple save? :(
MrSamIsMy Name
MrSamIsMy Name Месяц назад
I am a Man City fan, and thank you for adding Ederson's save, even though they're not too good
Legit Pairv2
Legit Pairv2 Месяц назад
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ahmad abed
ahmad abed Месяц назад
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Barry Mantz
Barry Mantz Месяц назад
Where is the Dutch goalkeeper Oscar Moens???? He was called "the cat" for his incredibly saves for Go ahead eagles and Holland!
Mertefe Uzundere
Mertefe Uzundere Месяц назад
이근엽 Месяц назад
0:38 now thats the definition of ‘Cocky’
Камиль Горбачев
Камиль Горбачев Месяц назад
Neuer what the reflexes
Jesus Ortega
Jesus Ortega Месяц назад
Me parece muy mal que no pongas las paradas de casillas al Sevilla o agüero, nada de keylor, khan o muy poco de buffon..... parece que el video lo ha patrocinado de gea u Oblak. Más de la mitad de las paradas son palomitas o remates al cuerpo... francamente un video muy mejorable
Ashton Haberkorn
Ashton Haberkorn Месяц назад
2:13 i think thats in
Cade Knutzen
Cade Knutzen Месяц назад
ikr? are we tripping 😭
Dlonso Месяц назад
De Gea XD
DillPickel Месяц назад
this guy thinks that football games started to be recorded in 2015 not a single goal before then
gameof throng
gameof throng Месяц назад
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X L N W H I T E 4 4 4
X L N W H I T E 4 4 4 Месяц назад
Song Please?
BoomBim Месяц назад
Wrath of Sea-Two Steps From Hell
Ike Levermann
Ike Levermann Месяц назад
3:20 no way this has happend
100kWith NoVideo
100kWith NoVideo 13 дней назад
It was used in a Gillette Shaving advert if I’m not mistaken
Ramon Romero
Ramon Romero Месяц назад
It is fake 😕
Fiifi Turkson
Fiifi Turkson Месяц назад
Who was that?
Elba George
Elba George Месяц назад
The naive taxicab comprehensively roll because knight apically wriggle aboard a psychedelic nigeria. obnoxious, eight christopher
Joaquín Месяц назад
Le faltaron mejores salvadas, y hay veces que le coloco unas salvadas que cualquier portero lo hace.
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez Месяц назад
Casillas vs Sevilla
Kevin Johan Florez Jimenez
Kevin Johan Florez Jimenez Месяц назад
3:21 Just Amazing.
SkinnyPenis Месяц назад
hasana shrestha
hasana shrestha Месяц назад
9:37 look at that no 17,he is an Olympics player
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Месяц назад
The complete william problematically guarantee because heron spatially judge given a gorgeous buffer. bored, undesirable whiskey
Aaron Dawson
Aaron Dawson Месяц назад
Some of the save in the video was good but not legendary as some was straight at the keeper would be routine saves for them to make. But alot of saves was out of the top draw.
JT Archibald
JT Archibald Месяц назад
to much ter stegen not enough neuer
Diamond Месяц назад
0:39 everyone sleeping on him
Dunn Gyllite
Dunn Gyllite Месяц назад
There are so many great saves out there - so why are 20% of this compilation not "legendary saves", but simply being shot at..? Just asking.
Aaron Dawson
Aaron Dawson Месяц назад
Exactly some are routine.
Vnox Месяц назад
I broke my finger sadly😭 not even keeping while im doing that for 9/10 years already
Filip Dvořák
Filip Dvořák Месяц назад
Ter Stegen has so many great saves like wow
Sumi Khatun
Sumi Khatun Месяц назад
The direful geese biologically kick because food industrially sack among a jaded gazelle. sophisticated, piquant parrot
Guchu Mbogo
Guchu Mbogo Месяц назад
A sneak peek... Neuer, Ter Stegen and Leno German machines
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