"No Regrets!" - Football Motivational Video 2017 | HD

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Alsido Football

4 года назад

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`M!ZE.97 Год назад
BEST MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO EVER ♥️⚽️♥️⚽️♥️⚽️♥️⚽️♥️⚽️♥️⚽️♥️
Benjamin Green Jr.
Benjamin Green Jr. Год назад
You know a video is good whenever it only has 19 likes with 300k views. Great content!
Benjamin Green Jr.
Benjamin Green Jr. Год назад
Abdulrahman Mahayni
Abdulrahman Mahayni 2 года назад
Just played my first competitive game, we lost hard, I felt like I coulda done so much more as a defender. I need some advice😥
Dávid Kalmár
Dávid Kalmár 2 года назад
1:18 Slovenskoooooo
Mian Production
Mian Production 2 года назад
Mohammed Salman
Mohammed Salman 3 года назад
#Fearlessmotivation speech "there is greater pain and that is regrets
ruman kaif
ruman kaif 3 года назад
No more regret
arahbk23 3 года назад
What's the name of the background music?
Kai Law
Kai Law 3 года назад
"Sport is a pain, getting hurt is a pain, but every injury finally subsides." - Sir Alex Ferguson
Okhayole Harrison
Okhayole Harrison 3 года назад
I love this video do more pls
3EAM 3 года назад
Best motivational videos
Sultan Ahmed
Sultan Ahmed 3 года назад
The quality tho is niceeeeeeeee
Squilliam Fancyson
Squilliam Fancyson 3 года назад
I love soccer, this is by far one of the most inspirational videos, I got goose bumps just watching the high lights and the fans screaming and celebrating. Soccer if life every one should try it out it I just beautiful
mohamed eid
mohamed eid 3 года назад
Heeey Dude Thank you for this Video, It pushs me forward and it is right it is never too late, as long as we chase our dream and work hard on it until we make it (Y)
Juli Zylyftari
Juli Zylyftari 3 года назад
You my man make Albanians proud with your videos. KEEP IT UP!!! Ca bone, ca bone me shqipe :P
Renz Benz
Renz Benz 3 года назад
Bro I used some of this footage for a video I did for a game. I hope its not a problem (i'll quote the source linking your channel in the desc if u want)
jvangerud918 4 года назад
you got to become rich on the inside before the outside
DLX Fe4rless
DLX Fe4rless Год назад
I dont wanna be rich but I want to be a famous soccer player play it like a game not like a job.
jvangerud918 4 года назад
2:20 and up amazing words
Sui 4 года назад
Fear of being in the same place you were last year. Do not fear failure.
Sui 4 года назад
Fear of being in the same place you were last year. Do not fear failure.
Lou Oliveira
Lou Oliveira 4 года назад
Thank you this helped loads
Jonathan Abarca
Jonathan Abarca 4 года назад
Idk why I watch these vids on a school night do I'm only inspired at night😖
Mohammed Salman
Mohammed Salman 3 года назад
Virtual Turtle because only that time you found yourself and that is a very good thing just believe in yourself and start dreaming and doing what you really want in your life....
MohammedIrahim Quresh
MohammedIrahim Quresh 4 года назад
i can't live without messi agüero and hart
••••••• 3 года назад
MohammedIrahim Quresh I can't live without football.
Superflyy Family
Superflyy Family 4 года назад
Love it.plz do more
Shkelzen Spahiu
Shkelzen Spahiu 4 года назад
bravo shqipe keep it up
Toloukos 4 года назад
omg i am speechless
Uzman Khan11
Uzman Khan11 4 года назад
so motivational
IlCanaleDegliEroi 4 года назад
Damn man amazing job
Arti Design
Arti Design 4 года назад
Bravo vlla❤️this video is epic
Klaidi Marku
Klaidi Marku 4 года назад
Amin R
Amin R 4 года назад
great video!
Mo7nd 4 года назад
fire ♡♡♡
Bara Mousa
Bara Mousa 4 года назад
#save_aleppo #حلب_تباد_ادعو_لحلب
Tomzo 4 года назад
Nishad Shetty
Nishad Shetty 4 года назад
Awesome video...gr8 work..!!!!
Chemjong Misek
Chemjong Misek 4 года назад
I got injuries every time while playing football and now i have a broken arm. But i realize that i broke my arm only not legs and yesterday i scored a hat trick 4 my school competion. I am only 12 four thoese who r suffering just think positive and never give up. This is all i want to say
Nuwair Akram
Nuwair Akram 3 года назад
Picasso Penguin Im not gonna be the next messi or ronaldo, i dont wanna be, im gonna be the first me
Sotam 3 года назад
""to be the best, dont think like the best"" - Pique
Miguel Neto
Miguel Neto 4 года назад
sorry dude. looks like ur gonna have some very good competetion
Kai Kinder
Kai Kinder 4 года назад
The legend Misek123 I'm twelve as well I believe that I am going to be the next Messi And I will
Karan 4 года назад
The legend Misek123 I'm 12 too. I love futbol too.
AllSkill11HD 4 года назад
incredible video..good job man
M16ST 4 года назад
great video wow..!
TopBins Only
TopBins Only 4 года назад
Awesome video 💯💯
Emilio Elbasani
Emilio Elbasani 4 года назад
JablonskyieZ 4 года назад
Monte Crack
Monte Crack 4 года назад
Que videoo :O
Spartak Moscow
Spartak Moscow 4 года назад
I was searching for something like this!
amazonwwe 4 года назад
Amazing amazing amazing
thelunatic 4 года назад
sportVIVEX 4 года назад
very emotional tho
thetakerHD 4 года назад
Nikols Vathi
Nikols Vathi 4 года назад
DieMo Gaming
DieMo Gaming 4 года назад
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