The Day Manchester United Fans Will Never Forget

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Amrit Barn
Amrit Barn 6 месяцев назад
Young children be like why is ronaldo not saying siiiiiii
Hawo Mohamed
Hawo Mohamed 3 дня назад
Bio with Wirjo
Bio with Wirjo 9 дней назад
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 15 дней назад
@Masarrat Islam hi massarat. Happy late new year 2021.
Ryan Purdum
Ryan Purdum 16 дней назад
Bruhh I was literally thinking exactly that when I realized I was like 3 when this happened XD
HAMZA PLAYZ 18 дней назад
Because ronaldo did not have a celebration yet
Andrew Stephen Christian
Andrew Stephen Christian 6 часов назад
When Ronaldo missed the penalty, i turned off my tv. The biggest regret in my entire life
waynedarren 7 часов назад
Thank you terry
Kakimbiri Sam
Kakimbiri Sam 8 часов назад
who else keeps watching this game,,i watched it trembling panicking we goona lose but lads made it,,,hope to see you again Boys making it
Stevo Maginn
Stevo Maginn 10 часов назад
Champions of ur own. Country just
Michael Deo
Michael Deo 11 часов назад
Duo legendary goapkeeper. Duo giants
andrew baba
andrew baba 11 часов назад
Man United should have killed the game first half we had tones of chances... But overall the better side... Fergie always knew when to turn up... Except for the two barcelona finals he lost to guardiola the rest he did a great job
Kadek Yudhistira
Kadek Yudhistira 19 часов назад
10 times better than recently English UCL final, a bird's derby
Foremost SG
Foremost SG 20 часов назад
The champions league song is enough to send the chills
Daniel Teshome
Daniel Teshome День назад
Never forget love Manchester United
Mamadou Marone
Mamadou Marone День назад
Nani's dance,a very warrior
Cappuccino Goodfinger
Cappuccino Goodfinger День назад
Back when Petr Cech was nigh impenetrable, Drogba was Mad Drog, and Tevez was loved by United fans...
tomtem День назад
Park ji sung😭😭😭
Nuna HC
Nuna HC День назад
Still get goosebumps...Glory glory
KIM День назад
This is the first day me and my father hugged each other, we even broke the sitting room table, but also look at the players on both teams, fanstatic legendary players
naka kana
naka kana 2 дня назад
I love when van der sar put his tung in the camera
Michael Gill
Michael Gill 2 дня назад
Utd shite
imron rahmansyah
imron rahmansyah 2 дня назад
Mu selalu dramatis...❤️❤️❤️
Vishnu Zoro
Vishnu Zoro 2 дня назад
Manchester United passion
Delvine Sereti
Delvine Sereti 2 дня назад
Have watched five times
awong mawe
awong mawe 2 дня назад
cant imagine when pogba and lingard dancing and celebrate theirs champion this year
KuasaKuda Media
KuasaKuda Media 3 дня назад
Ronaldo goal similar with Safee Sali Aff cup goal. Mendoniaaa
Ade Supandi
Ade Supandi 3 дня назад
Edwin we Miss you
Dan Man
Dan Man 3 дня назад cockney Muppets !!
Rita Ricardo
Rita Ricardo 3 дня назад
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Jama Abdi Nasir Media
Jama Abdi Nasir Media 4 дня назад
Ciyaar adag bay ahayd
Jama Abdi Nasir Media
Jama Abdi Nasir Media 4 дня назад
Unforgetible Time
Yahdi Nadal
Yahdi Nadal 4 дня назад
Back To When Our Players Playing For Badge Not Money Missed Those Days❤
AJ 4 дня назад
This the United I loved
White Stripe
White Stripe 4 дня назад
Lol, John Terry, couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke!
Whenever i see this.. My tears never stand on...🥺
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer 4 дня назад
It's red🔴 in Russia 🤣😍
Ahmed Farrah
Ahmed Farrah 4 дня назад
How good was Chelsea fc 🤫
Vinicius Silva
Vinicius Silva 5 дней назад
Manchester United 🔴⚪
Tommy Bad
Tommy Bad 5 дней назад
This just brings a massive smile to my face revisiting the old days. GGMU 🔴⚪⚫
tanandon suwannapha
tanandon suwannapha 5 дней назад
grory grory manunited
Rois Setiawan
Rois Setiawan 5 дней назад
This final the Penaldo was born 🐐
Subin Mzr
Subin Mzr 5 дней назад
I think porn is restricted in youtube huh 🤔
Safal Parajuli
Safal Parajuli 5 дней назад
And what about the club world cup? Who'd forget becoming world champion?
Safal Parajuli
Safal Parajuli 21 час назад
@William Fazo from 2013 European teams have dominated World Club football but it wasn't always the case.
Safal Parajuli
Safal Parajuli 21 час назад
@William Fazo commercially no, titularly yes. You can become European Champions but still not be world champions unless you win it so it's more important. Just because UCL is broadcast all over asia and Africa doesn't make it bigger than world cup. Otherwise there's no need to host and International world cup as well. We could just give it to euro cup winners or play a final between Copa America and Euro Cup winners
William Fazo
William Fazo День назад
@Safal Parajuliare you saying club world cup is more important than champions league?
Safal Parajuli
Safal Parajuli 4 дня назад
@William Fazo it's like saying International break is bOrInG
Safal Parajuli
Safal Parajuli 4 дня назад
@William Fazo if your club has never won one that is🙃
Haris zone
Haris zone 5 дней назад
ballack what a class he was at this time
tyler davies
tyler davies 5 дней назад
My grandad watched this game in a quiet pub in Malta and when united won the game he went mental jumping up and down and everyone thought he was mad 😂
PAOK Basket
PAOK Basket 6 дней назад
1 crossbar, 1 time to the post, almost saved penalty from Cech before Terry's miss, Terry slide, drogba got a red card. So unlucky for Chelsea but these years were priceless for English football.
อนุสรณ์ บุญภูมิ
อนุสรณ์ บุญภูมิ 6 дней назад
ผ มนี้สะใจสุดๆ
For Ward
For Ward 6 дней назад
Not only fans but also players,opponents,haters and all
ASYRAF DEAN 6 дней назад
I watched this at early morning in an indian muslim restaurant, the atmosphere was unbelievable!
Ridwansyah 88
Ridwansyah 88 6 дней назад
I Miss you the squad tim this
Csaba Sallai
Csaba Sallai 7 дней назад
Micsoda Csapat volt...❤❤❤GGMU
Raad raac Media Production
Raad raac Media Production 7 дней назад
John terry best centerback England and premier league
PENDEE GAMING 7 дней назад
Almost everyone here are penalty specialist, only ronaldo and anelka penalty got saved
Ricardo Zende Kambinda
Ricardo Zende Kambinda 7 дней назад
I never forgot this day...I was a Chelsea fan.
Oky Thaufik Ismail
Oky Thaufik Ismail 7 дней назад
Edwin the legend...
Dennis Majemite
Dennis Majemite 7 дней назад
I felt bad for terry, but thank goodness
Patrick Mwaniki
Patrick Mwaniki 8 дней назад
I will never forget Wednesday 21st may 2008..glory Manchester united
Alfonso Davidson
Alfonso Davidson 8 дней назад
Who would have thought that Cristiano Ronaldo would have pushed on the way he did. What a player. That United side of 06-09 was one of the all time great teams in EPL history
Mateo 8 дней назад
Vidic get's slapped and he tries to fight, he doesn't dive like every player does nowadays. That's why he's one of the greats, that fighting spirit is something we need back.
Stevo Maginn
Stevo Maginn 8 дней назад
No offence use hav got lazyier
Maiyo Collins
Maiyo Collins 8 дней назад
Drogba red .. commentator "professional suicide" 😂😂😂😂😂
Emirza Irfan
Emirza Irfan 8 дней назад
This final arguably the most fierce UCL final.
Mr. Tick
Mr. Tick 8 дней назад
come back ronaldo, we miss u
Lich King
Lich King 8 дней назад
One of the most emotional and best matches in football history.
rifkicarlos 8 дней назад
i was over the moon that day , now i feel a bit sorry for terry :p
Nathan Kariuki
Nathan Kariuki 8 дней назад
Still sends chills down my spine😁
Kadek Nardiyasa
Kadek Nardiyasa 9 дней назад
And now, Ronaldo is in Juve, can Ronaldo also take Juve to the Champions League Final?
Tope ceve
Tope ceve 9 дней назад
Miracle for MU, miracle for ronaldo
spalderz 9 дней назад
The 9-year gap between two SAF's UCL trophies felt so long then I realized it has been 13-years since our last UCL trophy and it doesn't look like United can win it soon :-(
Van Hanz
Van Hanz 9 дней назад
both team at thier best team ever!
Rebel kl
Rebel kl 9 дней назад
21ISCOMING believes!
Hafidz Garib
Hafidz Garib 9 дней назад
back then, we have players who dance when they win a trophy.. today, we have players who dance when they score a goal, and ended up conceding more.. fortunately that player is not on the regular list.
Indefatigable 9 дней назад
Dixon David
Dixon David 9 дней назад
Why is youtube recommending this video to me after Manchest United tops the table after 3 years?
Cheng Yi Tay
Cheng Yi Tay 9 дней назад
came after man u was finally back on top of epl
Bio with Wirjo
Bio with Wirjo 9 дней назад
Elite XD
Elite XD 10 дней назад
I miss ronaldo
Michael Lap Sum Chang
Michael Lap Sum Chang 10 дней назад
The best Manchester Team of all time!!!
Day Rogelio
Day Rogelio 10 дней назад
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.
Benn Emri
Benn Emri 10 дней назад
Both chelsea and Manchester United were unstoppable 😶
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha 11 дней назад
Also the day John Terry will never forget
Machira Breton
Machira Breton 11 дней назад
who's still watching this match to date😍
Edwon Rodrigues
Edwon Rodrigues 11 дней назад
The three cook disappointedly inform because gearshift fundamentally found at a sloppy television. perpetual, spiritual agenda
Kalamity Crisis
Kalamity Crisis 12 дней назад
Drogba was lucky vidic was being holded or that would’ve been a all out brawl🤣🤣
Tom Dorey
Tom Dorey 12 дней назад
This is A day man united fans wont forget. Not THE day. That title belongs to the Bayern Munich game in 99
Basikal Tua
Basikal Tua 12 дней назад
Just talk about six baby
20 subs before 2024?
20 subs before 2024? 12 дней назад
The biggest nightmare on Manchester United is When the plane crashed on the way back to England killing a lot of people
Definite Nyoni
Definite Nyoni 12 дней назад
8:30 VDS having a good night huh
Definite Nyoni
Definite Nyoni 12 дней назад
3:56 notice everyone holding back vidic to prevent a murder 😂😂😂😂😂😂
victor9999hugo 3 дня назад
Maguire needs to see this
OTS 13 дней назад
Then Barcelona happened ... Twice!
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas 13 дней назад
Man of the match: Rain
Matarr Kebbeh
Matarr Kebbeh 13 дней назад
Wat a great team? 2006 - 2009, united were at their best. Great players.
Noah Eyob
Noah Eyob 13 дней назад
Ronaldo last game for Man Utd
Krothinyi Medeo
Krothinyi Medeo 13 дней назад
One of the Greatest CL finals...
Football Lovers
Football Lovers 13 дней назад
younus 14 дней назад
Manchester fans were perfect for ronldo's passion I miss those days😪
Blake Jodi
Blake Jodi 14 дней назад
0:22 my love video :X.
GAMER AMINE 14 дней назад
Ohhh Manchester United was a dream team now is a trash 😔😔😔😔😔😔 Look the dream team : Cr7 , Tevez , ronny , evra , Ferdinand, Giggs, van der sar 🔥🔥🔥🔥
david kila
david kila 14 дней назад
That Scholes-Carrick midfield duo was something else. Carrick was so underrated,
HALEEL FF 14 дней назад
Legends in one themem
Nguyenhoang Hoangtam
Nguyenhoang Hoangtam 14 дней назад
Return of the grapes.
Return of the grapes. 14 дней назад
And now they play on Thursday nights against Dynamo Nobodysheardofus.
Vonguyen Thanhngoc
Vonguyen Thanhngoc 15 дней назад
0:11 xx
Hosea Lewis
Hosea Lewis 15 дней назад
Kisss😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
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