This is Football 2018 - Football Motivation | HD

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Alsido Football

2 года назад

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Earl Henerz
Earl Henerz 3 месяца назад
Stop scrolling and go put in that extra work to achieve your dream because YOU CAN DO IT
michael palma
michael palma 7 месяцев назад
what happen with hazard skills video???
Mohammad Osman Riaz
Mohammad Osman Riaz Год назад
Football or any sport for the sake, it's not something which could be achieved in few months or years but it requires a life long commitment.
D R I G Год назад
Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper Год назад
Love this
Blend Kurdi
Blend Kurdi Год назад
Jack Raethorne
Jack Raethorne Год назад
There’s no better sport❤️⚽️❤️⚽️❤️💪💪
Legend Год назад
Luck 7
Luck 7 Год назад
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Год назад
Am i the only one who wants to become a professional footballer?
Sam Morley
Sam Morley Год назад
No I want to. Good luck btw 👍
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Год назад
*I wont to take my freaking ball*
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Год назад
Every person you see in this video has discibline These people never gave up
Bellaliis Town
Bellaliis Town 2 года назад
Thank you for this. I really needed this after my grandpa got mad at me when I missed a goal in my game
United Zone
United Zone 2 года назад
I am the best u21 players in the world
SpeDz A.V.A
SpeDz A.V.A Год назад
-Craig - I hope he will be the best u21 player and come back and comment this hate comment
-Craig -
-Craig - Год назад
Freestyle Matthew in ur dreams kid
Bassam .a10
Bassam .a10 2 года назад
I will keep working hard to be best player that i can be, remember my name Bassam.
Patricia Reyna
Patricia Reyna 2 года назад
Ojay Clarino
Ojay Clarino 2 года назад
hello guys, if you have time please check my channel out. just started filming my road to recovery from an ACL injury. thank you!
Alex Ralli
Alex Ralli 2 года назад
I love motivation videos man but sometimes is just too much for me when I keep hearing all about that you know
BadBlueBoys ZAGREB
BadBlueBoys ZAGREB 2 года назад
People team is first you are second but living your dreams dont listen frends or other peoples.
F2 F
F2 F 2 года назад
What if i play in the world cup 2022
alesio Hoxha
alesio Hoxha 2 года назад
alesio Hoxha
alesio Hoxha 2 года назад
Zuhn So2
Zuhn So2 2 года назад
Selling replay buttons. Get them now while there in sale. Only for 1 like 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 Enjoy!
david Le
david Le 2 года назад
This got my hype i definitely watching this over and over agian when I need it thanks for the upload .
Davide Faina
Davide Faina 2 года назад
As Roma book Semifinal chapter
Osazuwa Iyamu
Osazuwa Iyamu 2 года назад
I have made a lot of mistakes but I keep moving let's go
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 2 года назад
I have to learn how to move on.
Enes Arslan
Enes Arslan 2 года назад
Beşiktaş 🖤❤️
zNuk Clan
zNuk Clan 2 года назад
This video was perfect for my situation
Amity Gaming
Amity Gaming 2 года назад
Plz pray for our team
IMPERIA 2 года назад
Eleanor 2 года назад
You can't score in the chances you don't take.
Moosa Afreen
Moosa Afreen 2 года назад
Most of the time only there were Ronaldo goals
Ross Mckellar
Ross Mckellar 2 года назад
You are so inspiring💙 when you shout it sends something through my body that makes me feel so good. You just got a sub bro. I'm 11 years old and from Scotland, and my dream is to become a pro footballer. If I do, you will have been part of the journey. 💙👏
Sakshyam Adhikari
Sakshyam Adhikari 2 года назад
Me too but I am from asian country Nepal which is not so good at football can i be a pro if I work hard and enter european clubs?
Ojay Clarino
Ojay Clarino 2 года назад
hello guys, if you have time please check my channel out. just started filming my road to recovery from an ACL injury. thank you!
Alfréd Karel Červenka
Alfréd Karel Červenka 2 года назад
@PsychoSalty now im back in 7games i scored 14 goals and 14 assists created 40 chanses good luck fot you bro
Alfréd Karel Červenka
Alfréd Karel Červenka 2 года назад
@PsychoSalty thanks
Alfréd Karel Červenka
Alfréd Karel Červenka 2 года назад
Go forward i know you can no my dream was destroied today
Saran siege
Saran siege 2 года назад
I will be the best player in the world.... Remember my name
-Craig -
-Craig - Год назад
Saran siege ok i remember ur name is Saran Siege!
SDOT _176K
SDOT _176K Год назад
Saran siege good luck bro hope u get where u want
chris becks
chris becks Год назад
No you wont, you will work in mcdonalds
Blaze King
Blaze King 2 года назад
@Franzis Nava and if he does what will you do then
bob billy
bob billy 2 года назад
Good Luck.
Ie Jy
Ie Jy 2 года назад
My favourite video
Marit 2 года назад
Perfect video❤️👌
اصنع بنفسك
اصنع بنفسك 2 года назад
Acan Film Football Channel
Acan Film Football Channel 2 года назад
Please .. English Subtitles..
Abdul Muhsin
Abdul Muhsin 2 года назад
support back bro...
Abdul Muhsin
Abdul Muhsin 2 года назад
great work 👍
Hasa 2 года назад
my cat watch this vid and she is a Lion now
IcannotMessi Lionel
IcannotMessi Lionel 2 года назад
Nolan Rosenfeld
Nolan Rosenfeld 2 года назад
That speech was inspiring as hell
adam ku
adam ku 2 года назад
nice video.. don't cry Mo Salah this is football. i'll see you in world cup bro
Kevin Sweeney
Kevin Sweeney 2 года назад
Thank you
Harry kane
Harry kane 2 года назад
and how dare we troll these Guys,shame on you who trolled karius for his mistakes,shame on you who trolled ronaldo by saying him a cheerleader after he got injured in the euro,shame on you who trolled messi for missing a penalty against chile and making fun of his tears,shame on you people shame on you!! Try to be in their shoes, you'll understand what life is,and it's not all about the money at the end of the day.
rizkih huda
rizkih huda 2 года назад
Background sound
Mugi 2 года назад
Honestly karius made mistakes but it's not like he didn't do anything for Liverpool he kept 11 clean sheets made some world class saves and is only 24 people blaming him for the loss are fake Liverpool fans. If he does leave Liverpool, Liverpool fans are going to want him back in 3 years when he's one of the best keeper in the world
Eat sleep breathe FOOTBALL
Eat sleep breathe FOOTBALL 2 месяца назад
This didn't age well
Max Colin- The GOAT
Max Colin- The GOAT 2 года назад
I will revisit in 2 and a half years
maximillianmus X
maximillianmus X 2 года назад
tyler nin ur right bro
Nikulas 2 года назад
tyler nin I love you
مؤيد الكعبي_ MuAyYd AlKaAbE
مؤيد الكعبي_ MuAyYd AlKaAbE 2 года назад
واصل الشرح / ارجوا منكم الاشتراك في قناتي
Baveshen Pillay
Baveshen Pillay 2 года назад
Goosebumps everywhere!!!!!!
Mario Shehaj
Mario Shehaj 2 года назад
I feel more sorry for Roma and Bayern,that were eliminated because of referees
Ahmed Benhariz
Ahmed Benhariz Год назад
Haha Roma and Bayern are out again
G10 2 года назад
This is really nice, I'ma watch this before every game I play. Great job on this one.
Danny Rivas
Danny Rivas 2 года назад
An elite level athlete isn't someone who never makes a mistake. An elite level athlete is someone who will take on extreme pressure and stress for the chance to succeed with confidence.Then,if he/she makes a mistake they can then look at you straight in the eye and say "i f***** up."An elite level athlete will take the millions of hate comments,negative news articles,criticism,jokes,and insults and still be supremely confident in there ability to perform in the next game.Loris Karius is an elite level athlete. On the flip side it makes me sick to my stomach to see the response to Loris Kauris' mistakes.He messed up,there's no way around it. It's completely unexcusable.There's not going to be any fighting the jokes and criticism that will ultimately plague every news source and social media page,because it was a pair of shocking mistakes...But guess what his teammates were doing last night ate the locker room. They're consoling him. They're picking him up. They're telling him that they've been there. That they've once been the hero just 90 minutes then in a blink of an eye become the villain. They're standing by him and defending to the media and outside world. They're aware that everyone is going to make mistakes and it's there job to now lift him back up. They're supporting him. Take a lesson pros #BecomeElite
Klopp Productions HD
Klopp Productions HD 2 года назад
fredinand shaumbwa
fredinand shaumbwa 2 года назад
Am kind of feelin sorry for Loris Guys if u have a gud heart u'd cry for this guy
Ahmed Jr
Ahmed Jr 2 года назад
barca and liverpool should improve them in next season
JOSÉ FIRMINO 2 года назад
Nice video
Lorenzo F7
Lorenzo F7 2 года назад
Lee Anders
Lee Anders 2 года назад
Why is everyone feeling sorry for Karius? He’s not good enough an it’s klopps fault he was playing
Yvendel Derilus
Yvendel Derilus 2 года назад
Lee Anders who else would be goalie the other one was out
Lee Anders
Lee Anders 2 года назад
ObsidianGaming64 ye I think he’s gone. He can’t do that in a final
Abdullahi Omar
Abdullahi Omar 2 года назад
Bro the things he did wasn't because of his skill. He even saved ronaldo's header which would of gone in BUT. The only goal that actually went past him was bale's bicycle THATS IT. The rest a just bad bad bad bad bad LUCK. He even apologised to the fans in the end. But i still think hes gonna get SACKED
Lee Anders
Lee Anders 2 года назад
Carnage Viper503 DDG was the same at United an now he’s the best in the world but with him and with Stegen I could see potential Karius isn’t good enough
Helios7sins 2 года назад
Lee Anders well most subscribers here are barca fan and ter Stegen made lots of mistakes in his first 2 years and everyone was trying to get rid of him and look at him now
PrivateJet 2 года назад
Eveyone makes mistakes ! But in a ucl a big deal brow..hope salah gets better so he can play at world cup but the chances are sad 😢😢😢😢
1 Hour Songs
1 Hour Songs 2 года назад
He did play
Tobi ohne ä
Tobi ohne ä 2 года назад
Isyoboy izy no its Like 80%
Angelina Farkas
Angelina Farkas 2 года назад
# Mohamedsalah 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Poun kimHong
Poun kimHong 2 года назад
What is background music??
Facio Football
Facio Football 2 года назад
Great Vid!! 👍So Good
Nelius Njihia
Nelius Njihia 2 года назад
Facio Football SORRY MO SALAH😣😣
Hristo Petyov
Hristo Petyov 2 года назад
I am the first
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